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How to earn store credits?

You can earn store credits by inviting your friends to shop with us

(and gift them with a 10% unique Welcome code)

And when they make their first purchase* with us,

you get $5 store credits!

(Valid for 6 months with no. min. purchase to utilise it!)

* min. $30

How to join our Referral Program to start inviting your friends.

*You first have to make a purchase with us ( to be credible to your friends that you have purchased with us before and love the product/ service enough to refer them (:)

1. Click <My account> at the top right hand corner of the site

2. Click <Referral Program Plus> 

3. Under the <Sponsor my friends> tab, you can key in their email to mail them a unique 10% welcome code.

4. Click Read Conditions to read our terms and conditions for TDJ Referral Program

5. Click <Validate> to send the emails to your friends!

6. You will be brought to a Email sent confirmation page once the emails have been successfully sent and you can check with them to see if they have received it.

7. You can also remind your friends using the < Remind my friends> tab to use the code if they have not done so as the unique welcome code is only valid for 7 days.

i) Once the email invitation has been sent, your friend would receive the invitation email instantly, with a link provided that holds your referral link. 

Click on the link to sign up for a new account.

ii) Create an account using the email address of which the invitation was received. Note it has to be a new account in order for the referral to work. 

iii) The email of your friend who referred you should show up at the bottom of the page.

Do ensure that the email is reflected so that they are rewarded with the Referral reward once you complete your purchase of $30

iv) Account has been successfully created.

v ) Once your invited friend registers for an account with us, you will also receive an email notifying you that your sponsored friend has signed up.

vi) Your invited friend will receive an email with the gifted unique 10% discount code

( Valid for 7 days) from your referral.

vi) It will also show up in the shopping cart for easy usage. Click on the Referral reward code to apply the 10% code to your cart.

vii) Once applied, the code will reflect the discount in the cart. Happy shopping and enjoy the gifted 10% welcome code!


Hooray! Once your friend makes a purchase of min $30, you will receive an email revealing the unique discount Referral reward code of $5

No min. purchase required.

It will also be reflected in your shopping cart so that you won't forget to use the code the next time when you are back with us!

Code is valid for 180 days

The more you refer, the more store credits you get!

$5  if 1 referred friend makes a purchase*

$10 if 2 referred friends make a purchase*

$50 if 10 referred friends make a purchase*

Start introducing your friends to TDJ. They will get 10% off their first purchase when they sign up, and you'll get $5 referral rewards credit once they completed their first purchase*

*Min. $30

*Only for new TDJ customers.