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She wanted turn humans in to mermaids.
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Our selections comprises of a collection of meticulously curated picks, of which each piece is unique in its own style and design .

We are also in the midst of sample works, and designing new pieces for our Swimwear series.


Our founder, H, first started out the business as a side line during her university days.

Despite studying accountancy, she found great passion and interest in designing handmade jewelry.

The brand first started out as Birdnestfern during the livejournal days and she found great comfort and satisfaction designing jewelry for 7 years.

It may seem small, but it means the entire world to H when her handmade jewelry made it to one of the

Channel 5 drama series, Perfect Deception.

However, as online shopping opened up other online shopping avenues like Taobao, the demand for handmade jewelry dropped, also coupled with H joining the Big Four as an auditor, she couldn't commit the same vast amount of time required in designing.

After her change in job to a Financial Analyst, she was still interested in jewelry designing and even designed a 5-piece set proposal series for a guy who wanted to surprise his Fiancee in the United States.

However, soon after, H realised that the market trend is evolving and the handmade series were no longer catering to the relevant market as the designs were not moving at the desired pace. Realising the need for an alteration in style direction, she changed the focus of the store to target a bigger audience.

She quit her full time corporate job as a Financial Analyst in 2014 and strived on to pursue her dream,

to provide exclusive designs to the customers, and since 2017,

to turn humans into mermaids.