Swimwear FAQ


Q: Why does the monokini only reach my waist and not my bust.

A: It seems that the monokini is too short for you. Please feel free to check out our Exchange policy to see if your order qualifies for an exchange.

Q: It's my first time purchasing from your store and I'm not sure about the measurements. Do you have any recommendations?

A: If it is your first time shopping with us, Hello there!

If you are unsure about the measurements, we would recommend you to purchase without any special promotional codes.

Our all time codes (first time promotional code: HEYYOU and SUMMER10 ( 10% off min. $100) qualifies for exchange, except for swimwear in the SALE tab)

You can also select swimwear with adjustable features like those in this tab

You can also read our Editorial on the different body types and the type of swimwear that suits each body shape here

You can also refer to "Q: How Do I read your swimwear measurements?" below

Q: Do you have any swimwear that is suitable for cup size C/D

A: For larger cup size, we would recommend you pieces with underwires or halter neck designs for more support

Q: How Do I read your swimwear measurements?

A: All our swimwear measurements are done flatlay in inches across.

E.g S: PTP 13"-16.5"

PTP means Pit to pit/ bust

It means that the swimwear measures 13" before stretching at the Pit to pit/ Bust. And it can stretch up till 16.5" across.

To determine if the PTP would fit you, we would recommend that your PTP measurements ( when converted to flatlay measurements, e.g if you are 32" across, it would be 16" flatlay) should fall near the maximum/ stretched PTP measurement of the swimwear. Which in the above scenario, will fit a size S.

The swimwear can stretch 2-4" for the PTP depending on the swimwear fabric.

Please refer to the images beflow for the measurement of the swimwear.

In this example, due to the design of the swimwears ( both the bikini and monokinis) that cuts in, the PTP of both swimwear is extrapolated to be 13" before stretching.

The hip is measured to be 13"

The waist is measured to be 11"

*Tips to choose swimwear based on flatlay measurements

The fit of the swimwear is different from the fit of apparels, i.e swimwear has to be stretched in order to fit your frame securely, as compared to apparels in general where measurements are referred to without much stretching

As the general rule of the thumb, your PTP has to be bigger than the swimwear before it is being stretched.

For example, if your PTP is 13", and you wish to purchase this swimwear S: PTP: 14-16.5", Waist: 11-15", we would not recommend it as it the swimwear is already bigger than your frame without stretching and it will be too big for you when you put it on.

*Tips to choose swimwear based on height and weight estimation

Please note that references stated are based on our experience and customer's/influencer's feedback and sizing. 

The guide only serves as a general guideline as each person has different body shapes(:
You may also wish to size up on monokinis if you have a pear shaped bodyshape/ or broad hips/bottom as broading hips cause the swimwear to stretch sideways, making it shorter in length.

S: PTP: 13-16.5", Waist: 11-15"

Recommended for Cup Size: 70A 70B 70C 75A 75B 80A 80B, Height: 155-165cm, Weight: 40-50Kg

Fits UK 4-8

M: PTP: 14-17.5", Waist: 12-16"

Recommended for Cup Size: 75C 80B 80C 85A 85B, Height: 160-173cm, Weight: 50-58Kg

Fits UK 8-10

Please allow 0.5"-1" difference in measurement

E.g For 165cm, 50Kg, we would recommend size S.

If the height is near to the higher tier of the height frame and the weight is nearer to the higher tier of the weight frame, we would recommend a size S.

E.g For 158cm, 50kg, we would recommend size M

If the height is near to the lower tier of the height frame and weight is nearer to the higher tier of the weight frame, we would recommend a size M

We hope the above scenario helps in your size selection (:


Q: What is the difference between Swimwear padding and Super swimwear padding

A: Super swimwear padding is thicker than the swimwear padding.

Thickest padding width: measures 2.2cm vs the Swimwear padding ( Thickness measures 1.1cm)

Q: What is the difference between super swimwear padding and the Abalone padding?

A: The shape and size of both types of paddings are different. Abalone padding is broader and bigger, while the super swimwear padding is thicker at the base.

Q: What is the difference between the padding stick ons and swimwear paddings?

A: Padding stick ons features a sticky surface so that it can adhere to the swimwear ( or even apparels and sleepwear).

As compared to the swimwear paddings that do not have any sticky surface. Swimwear paddings require padding inserts so that they can be slotted in. Suitable for swimwear/ sportswear/ sleepwear with padding inserts