When it comes to vacations and sweet getaways, memorable polaroid-worthy shots are a must!

We’ve specially picked out 10 amazing beach pose ideas that you definitely must try

on your next trip to inject that energetic burst of youthful vibes into your IG feed. 

Read on for more tips and top editor’s picks!

Pose #1: Darling Just Hold On

Tip: Cropped tops, bathing suits, bikinis, beach maxis - take your pick!

Find yourself a pretty background and start snapping away with a firm clutch on him.

Photo Cred: @thebikinigoddess | @hbgoodie | @helenowen

Pose #2: Watch It All Float Away

Tip: Float on ‘em or have ‘em float on you! Get both adult size floats AND mini drink sized ones for that 100% sugary-treat experience!

Photo Cred: @lichipan

Editor’s Picks: Unicorn drink floatPretzel floatDonut float

Pose #3: Fruit Paradise

Tip: Whether you want your swimsuit to stand out or not, it’s your call!

Remember, the main focus of this picture is the delicious, juicy fruit you’re holding onto.

Let them fruits shine!

Photo Cred: @travel_inhershoes | @angelicablick | @tropicalrelax

Editor’s Picks: Gingham bikiniChiyo monokiniChantelle criss cross monokiniVera linear bikini

Pose #4: Feast Like A King

Tip: If you’re gonna have a good spread of colours for breakfast, opt for classic shades of colours so your bathing

suit doesn’t blend in with the assorted palettes of food.

Photo Cred: @thebikinigoddess | @beachysummerlife | @anyuta_rai

Editor’s Picks: Parker monokini | Pera monokiniHerae monokini

Pose #5: Free Kisses xo

Tip: If you are going to shoot this by the big blue, we recommend

pure white hues that goes really well with the blue canvas!

Photo Cred: @lareveche

Editor’s Picks: Sheralle crochet monokini | Cheriene lace bikini

Pose #6: Shoot Me Shooting You

Tip: Wear a super cute dress or a laid-back tee and top it off with a cute hairband.

Choose apparels to create looks above knee length to exude maximum beach vibes.

Oh and show off your golden tan for this shot too!

Photo Cred: @modaoperandi

Editor’s Picks: Weekend crop top with denim shortsBria pinstripe resort dress | Khale offshoulder dress

Pose #7: Wait For Me Beach, I’m Coming

Tip: If you’re going to prance into the sea showing your sexy back, we recommend sultry bathing suits with back cut-outs!

Photo Cred: @debiflue | @lichipan

Editor’s Picks: Bailee halter laserprint MonokiniAhoy! MonokiniPaige stripe monokini

Pose #8: I’m Basking in Sunshine

Tip: The beige soft sand is your canvas and a striking shade of swimwear would be perfect for this.

Photo Cred: @mrndapnda | @tialacson

Editor’s Picks: For a good contrast, go with the Classic libby in orange or black.

 For bikinis, consider Stanson scallop bikini in wine with its scallop trimmings.

 Protect your eyes with our instagrammable eyewear selections, Karson shades and Angular shades

 Add on some accessories to gain extra instagram points with the oversized embroidery sunhat.

IF this can't make it to the gram, nothing can!

Shop: Do not disturb sunhatGreetings sunhat

Pose #9: Under the Sea

Tips: Immediately garner more likes by shooting underwater shots that's all in the rage now!

For the professionals, nail the look with the Gopro. Fret not if you don't own one.

Get our affordable Underwater pouch at $10 and you are all good to go.

With such an impressive shot, any swimwear would make the cut!

But avoid colours of green and blue that would just camouflage you with the blue aqua waters.

Photo Cred: @thefruitgoddess | @debiflue | @beachysummerlife

Pose #10: Rock Me Baby, Rockabye

Tips: If you spot a hammock by the beach, don't leave without getting some shots!

Laze in this perfectly soul worthy and camera worthy 'prop', enjoy the watercolour sunset, feel the salty breezy, and get your photos done.

Photo Cred: @ohhcourture | @thebikinigoddess | @kopi.cat


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